Renovation concept

New infrastructure

As part of the renovation work, all the piping for heating, water and sewage as well as the power supply were completely renewed, which meant that the building in fact had to be put in a bare brickwork-like condition. This made it possible for the new installation to be tailored precisely to the new usage situation and to allow the utility costs for each individual micro-loft to be billed based on consumption. The stairwell and the roof were energetically upgraded, replacing the skylights by dormers.

Yellow wall

One pillar of the essential concept is the location of all conduits on plaster, but behind walls that can be removed with manageable effort, to allow for revision or re-installations and to avoid chisel-work on the masonry during future renovations. These walls are made of large-sized formwork panels, that are used for the production of exposed concrete: a robust three-layer board (“Doka”) that is colour coded in bright yellow as an unmistakable sign of its repeated usability. Due to its water-resistant surface, which is already applied at the factory, Doka board shares some of the benefits of exposed concrete and as such emanates a sense of its monolithic powe

Interior fittings and bathrooms

The original doors and frames were carefully removed and reused. Furthermore, the existing backsplash was preserved wherever it was possible. The bathtubs were replaced in favour of generous showers. The non-supporting partition walls were largely removed; As a result, large and bright rooms were created on the south side along the terrace and the balconies. These rooms inherited the quality that already made the former living and dining rooms on the southwest side attractive.

Furnishing and wall decoration

Furnishing of the apartments consists of prototypes of our own furniture designs and of furniture pieces that remained in the house. To reuse these pieces they were refurbished with waxed grey MDF and provided with rollers to allow an individualisation of the interior space. Almost all micro lofts have beds with spring mattresses and generous built-in storage space. The walls are decorated with mirrors, custom-designed wallpapers or pictures from the architect’s collection.